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EHR & Ancillary System Integration

OpenText RightFax provides healthcare organizations with a secure way to fax enable virtually any EMR, EHR, or ancillary system.

Many EHR vendors recommend RightFax alongside their systems so their customers can gain the most benefit from their platforms.  This includes not only EHR platforms, but also radiology, lab, pharmacy, and claims processing systems.

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With RightFax, healthcare organizations are able to automate the delivery, receipt and tracking of private health information from critical internal systems. Secure fax communications may include admittance documents, physician orders, claims, payment and remittance advice, claim status, lab reports, prescriptions and more. For many clinics and hospitals RightFax provides a vital bridge between the paper and digital worlds. Faxing into EHR and ancillary systems with RightFax is fast, familiar, convenient and secure.

For additional information or to speak with one of our software specialists please call us toll free at 1-866-730-1700 or email us at also see RightFax Support

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