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Redundancy & Disaster Recovery

Preventing Downtime of Document-based Business Processes Through Fax Server Redundancy

Electrical outages, telecommunications equipment failures, catastrophic events and a variety of other conditions can cause your primary fax server to fail and become unavailable to send, receive and manage your document-based communications. No matter what the cause, unplanned downtime of your fax server can have devastating consequences to your business operations, and ultimately your profitability. To limit the risks to your business should a fax server crash, it is essential to have a redundant solution in place to provide continuity of your fax communications.

Fax Server Redundancy: Why It Matters?
An organization’s fax server typically performs the mission-critical task of distributing documents which in turn initiate, facilitate and complete business processes and ultimately business transactions. When fax services are not available, business processes and collaboration can come to a virtual halt. To get a better understanding of the impact your fax server has on your overall business consider the following:

Shared Services: A RightFax system with between two and four servers in which all servers share the same database. Events in the event queue are shared amongst the OpenText Fax Server in the 'Server Collective'. In the event of a failure of one of the systems in the 'Server Collective' the remaining systems continue to process fax jobs.

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DocTransport Backup:  A RightFax system in which DocTransport (formerly BoardServer) modules are installed on multiple remote servers to distribute the workload across several servers, provide expanded channel capacity and telephony redundancy. if one DocTransport backup goes down the Open Text Fax Server will automatically transfer its workload to the remaining DocTransport Servers.

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Cold Spare: A RightFax System pre-installed on a secondary server system intended for use in the event of a disaster, shutdown or failure of the primary OpenText RightFax. A Cold Spare is not used in production but is available to expedite recovery time.

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Active/Passive Clustering: RightFax software is installed on a passive node in an active-passive cluster. In the event the primary "active" fax server fails, the secondary "passive" server is activated to continue to process fax documents.

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