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PSI:Capture for RightFax


psicapturesplashPSI:Capture is the only leading capture solution that offers a DIRECT integration with OpenText’s RightFax Server.  The connector allows the images received via RightFax to be automatically captured and routed to a long term document repository, into a workflow or both.  The images can be auto-indexed based on any number of RightFax metadata terms, converted into a fully searchable PDF  document or have the critical data extracted and passed along to any number of output options.  The flexibility of PSI:Capture lets you choose if you want to capture faxes that have been received in the past as well as on a go forward basis.

The PSI:Capture and RightFax combination eliminates time-intensive manual fax processing in any organization, replacing it with an automated fax workflow. This scalable technology creates an overall fax processing solution resulting in standardized document output, in the form of searchable PDFs.  The direct integration provides an automated fax archiving  and routing solution that has been difficult to implement using other applications in the document management market.


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